The Badass Lady Gang 5K Training Plans

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We all think we know what we’re capable of. Regardless of whether we’ve set out to find our predefined limits or avoid them at all costs, we all have this voice in the back of our heads that tells us what we think we are and aren’t capable of. It’s that voice that either whispers, “Don’t even bother. You’re just going to quit a week in.” Or screams,“NO MORE. I WILL DIE IF I KEEP GOING. STOP! AHHH!”, during races or speed work, or, “I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG I CAN HOLD THIS! KEEP FIGHTING! I AM BEYONCE! AHHHH!” Sometimes we hear versions of both. Sometimes just one.

Too many people are motivated to get active only to lose weight. Ask any runner why they continue to show up for themselves day after day after day and I guarantee you that it isn’t because they are tied to a number on a scale. They do it because running is their chance to unwind or be alone. To connect with a supportive community, stay motivated to step outside of their comfort zone, or challenge their predefined limits. Running is so much more than running. It makes you a stronger, grittier, and more resilient human being.

Don’t believe us? Spend the next eight weeks pushing your limits. Challenge yourself to either run your first 5K or run your strongest 5K.

It doesn’t matter how fast you are or how far you get, the only thing that matters is that you spend a few weeks showing up for yourself in your running. This shit is hard. Running is always going to be hard. But you’re strong and you can do anything for eight weeks.

So set a goal that scares the crap out of you or maybe feels a little impossible. Then give yourself permission to see what happens when you simply give your personal best effort. Do that and regardless of what happens at the end of eight weeks, it’ll be a success.

The only way you fail is if you fail to try.

You in?


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