Western Suffolk Long Island, New York

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Last Sunday of the Month.

8:00 AM - Walt Whitman HS

Meet Your Leader

MAry Giovagnoni

i have been a wannabe runner since my early twenties. After two babies and turning 33 i finally decided to commit to running and give it everything i had.

1 year after starting i completed my first half Marathon at the Diva Race Series and swore i would never do a full marathon.

fast forward to november 2018 and i registered for my first ever marathon! it was right before i officially started my training that kelly put out the post looking for balg leaders. how could i not respond?!

running has given me so much. it gave me a way to escape from crazy day to day stuff. a way to cope with grief, anger and a way to celebrate too. through running i was able to see just how much this body of mine is capable of, and to learn how to quiet my mind when it went into overdrive.

i love finding new runners and really immersing myself in this amazing and supportive community. it makes me so happy to help someone just starting out realize that hey! you can do this! there is nothing like the running community. even if you’re a stranger everyone looks out for one another.

no matter if you are just starting as a runner or seasoned, we are all part of this community and we are all amazing!