Middlesex, Ontario

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1st & 3rd TUESDAY of the month

6:30 Pm STrathroy District Collegiate Institute (SDCI Track)



Cassie Hughes began running cross country when she was in elementary school. She wasn’t great, she actually came last or close to it every race. The thing is, to her, being first wasn’t the only way to win. Winning was pushing yourself across the finish line and breaking all mental barriers that you created for yourself. Along with running, Cassie also participated heavily in softball, golf, Aikido, and Military Unarmed Combat. She was always learning new ways to be confident in her body and share that strength with others. In grade nine, Cassie went through a severe tibia/fibula break while looping to third base. Her running was done, or so she thought.

Fast forward seventeen years later, Cassie was offered to run on behalf of her company at Mud Hero. The two things Cassie was not a fan of: getting dirty and running, it was time to face her fears. Cassie decided to take the challenge on with her partner and trained all summer, deciding that running really wasn’t that bad after all and remembering the days where speed wasn’t the only thing that mattered. In August of 2017, Cassie and her partner Jesse along with eight other friends ran Mud Hero 6km and kicked ass. Cassie had fallen in love with the sport again and promised herself not to give up.

The following summer, Cassie and Jesse competed for a second time with their friends in Mud Hero 6km followed by their wedding and thought what next? They were ready for the next L.E.A.P - their first HALF MARATHON. They were lucky enough to get bibs to the elusive Pelee Island Half Marathon, only to have their dreams crushed. Cassie began feeling pain and throbbing in her ankle, the one that she had broken so severely 19 years prior. With the advice of her GP, she is currently on a running hiatus and waiting for a specialist to give her the green light to pursue her passion and dreams again.

So how can a lady who can’t run be the leader of the Badass Lady Gang: Middlesex Chapter? That’s the thing, Badass Ladies don’t have to fit into ONE MOLD! Cassie loves running, loves community, and loves lifting other people up. Just because she can’t run right now doesn’t mean she can’t cheer you on or walk beside you when you need a friend. All body types, all fitness levels, and no judgement!

Aside from her newly ignited passion for running, Cassie is a fur baby mama, ginger, loving wife, supportive friend, pianist, vinyl lover, and someone who is always ready to cheers your beers (never leave a girl hanging!).