New York, NY




Kayla Reynolds

Involved in every extracurricular and competitive sport growing up, my love of running really took flight in my late teen/early adult years. When I moved to New York City nearly 5 years ago, running became a way for me to explore my new city, soak up the scenery, and plant my roots. While my relationship with running was not always a healthy one, as I developed a healthy relationship with it, running helped me heal and discover more about myself than I imagined possible. Running has allowed me to uncover my strength and discover my peace -- to feel and to be free. Most importantly, running has allowed me the opportunity to connect -- with myself, the community, other people, and this beautiful city. I'm so excited to help others experience the gift of running as I co-lead the Manhattan chapter of the #BadassLadyGang, and as we build a strong, empowered, and inspiring community together.

Melissa Valente

Growing up, Melissa always enjoyed being active and playing a variety of sports; however, in high school, she honed in on volleyball, as it required the least amount of running. Fast forward a few years to entering the lottery for the NYC Marathon on a whim and actually being accepted, she realized she needed to start running somewhat consistently, desiring to finish the race in one piece. While she previously perceived running as challenge that needed to be conquered, she now perceives it as a source of strength and empowerment as well as a humbling test to see what she is capable of physically and mentally. Co-leading the Manhattan chapter of the BALG with Kayla, Melissa is most excited to meet other strong ladies in the NYC area and combine her love of running while building community!