Portland, Oregon


2nd Sunday of the month

7:30 am

Tilikum Crossing - West End

Meet at the Starbucks at 2730 SW Moody. After the run, join us at Starbucks to chat & enjoy snacks and coffee/tea!

Nearest MAX stop
Nearest bus stop

There is free parking until 1 pm on Sundays on SW Meade and further down SW Moody.


These aren’t monthly - yet - just trying out a few options to see when most of you badasses can join in.

SEe the full calendar for other dates; also check events on our facebook page.

The turnout at our first BALG PDX Run in January 2019. Many of these badasses had never been to a group run before and about 3/4 of them came solo!


Kelly Barten is what you’d call a “social” runner. She loves BALG because it’s a great way to make friends in a non-judgy atmosphere where we actually build each other up and give unconditional support.

Kelly rowed in college and took up running because it’s much cheaper than maintaining a boat. She’s run a ton of races, and loves the community here so much she created the Run Oregon Blog to share race previews, recaps, and other info for local runners.

She lives with her family in Washington County and recently quit her real job (becuase life is too short to bang your head against a wall) but also volunteers with Oregon Road Runners Club and gets up to all sorts of shenanigans like a Mimosa Mile for her 40th birthday.

Insta: @run_oregon
Twitter: @runoregon

Kate Ellingsen connected with the BALG because she’d never found a running group that truly felt inclusive of all paces. She’s proud of her turtle pace, and is currently training for the Eugene Marathon, which will be her 7th full. Kate absolutely loves women building other women up, so she couldn’t be happier to be helping create BALG PDX.

By day Kate works for a bank, and when she’s not running she loves reading, writing, making and listening to music, yoga, and hiking. She can’t wait to meet you and connect even more on Portland BALG group runs!

Insta & Twitter: @racingthehare

Nikki Muller has been obsessed with running for over a decade. She was overweight and depressed all through her 20’s and running pretty much saved her life. Finding a community of like-minded ladies has always kept Nikki going, and the BALG stands for everything she believes in. Nikki wants to lift other people up and help them through every mile on the road and off.

She ran my first marathon in 2006 and have since run five more. She’s also done dozens of half marathons, lots of relays, and lots and lots and lots of other “k races” (5k, 8k, 10k) including three 50ks so far. Nikki started her own company, Healthy Girl Fitness LLC last summer and is a certified running coach and fitness trainer. She loves helping people get fit and find happiness in the community that exists in getting healthy.

Insta: @healthygirlpdx

Together, we are trying to break down the barriers that exist in many running groups where regular people don’t feel they are fast enough to be considered “real” runners. The BALG in Portland is all about forming friendships and relationships that are nurturing and supportive.


BALG PDX Organizers: Kate Ellingsen, Nikki Mueller, and Kelly Barten