Salt Lake City, Utah

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Every tuesday at 5:30PM


The First Saturday of the month, 8:00 AM

Liberty Park- meet near the NORTH entrance to the park

Meet your leaders:


Hi! I'm Aliess and I have no idea what I'm doing, but that's okay. Because what running has taught me in the last two years is that you just need to put one foot in front of the other, breathe, and surround yourself with some badass women. I've run two half marathons and will complete my first marathon….soon? I was *not* always a runner. In fact, I'm sure many would classify me as an anti-runner for well over 25 years of my life. And yet, here we are. It doesn't matter if you love running, hate it, finished a triathlon, or just finished season three of Gilmore Girls- you are welcome here and I can not wait to meet you!

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The lovely Yesenia…who hates writing about herself, so a bio is on the way. Until then, take my word for it: she’s a badass rockstar who loves to travel, try new workouts, support women, and spend as much time outside as humanly possible.