Warrensburg, Missouri

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Second Sunday of the Month, 1:30 PM

Strive fitness and wellness



Rachel Cox-

I started exercising for the first time ever a couple years ago and discovered running didn’t suck that much. In fact, I liked it enough that I kept doing it over and over, and it kept getting more and more fun. So fun that I went from “can’t run a mile” to having run dozens of 5k’s, several half marathons, and a couple marathons. I wanted to start a local Badass Lady Gang to show other women how running can change the way they look at life.

Jessie Stinson-

Hi everyone! I am Jessie and I have recently fallen in love with running. I have always been a competitive person playing sports from a young age through high school and then intramural sports in college but I was never a runner. Well really only when being chased! In 2018 something changed and I decided I wanted to give this running thing a try and I started out running for 30 seconds at a time in April 2018 and on May 28, 2018, I ran my first full mile! I then ran my first full 5K on July 29, first 10K on December 16. Most recently I completed a 12K on March 16, 2019. It has been a year of growth and I am looking forward to completing my first half marathon in May of 2019. I am also a wife and mom of two kiddos and one old man of a dog. I work full time in Higher Education with fraternities and sororities and love spending my downtime watching sports and spending time at the lake on our boat! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and having new friends!