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The badass lady gang is a free fitness movement created to connect, support, and help women get active in ways that empower them.

Never run a day in your life? COME RUN WITH US.

Hate the gym? COME RUN WITH US.

Have a fear of being dropped because of your pace? COME RUN WITH US.

Need an escape from the stresses of everyday life? COME RUN WITH US.

Struggling to find friends and meaningful relationships? COME RUN WITH US.

Do you hate running? RUN WITH US.


Interested in starting a badass lady gang in your city?


We have one goal at the Badass Lady Gang, to connect and empower the women in our communities through running. 

Itโ€™s thanks to our community leaders, organizers, and connectors that the BALG is as vast and expansive as it is today. Weโ€™re hard at work creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive space for women to meet-up and get active in ways that empower them FOR FREE. 

No membership dues. 

No one-time fees or sign up costs.


Leading the Badass Lady Gang is a huge undertaking. Itโ€™s a labor of love that only those who are serious about community building should apply for. Still interested in bringing the Badass Lady Gang to your city?

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