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The badass lady gang is a free fitness movement created to connect, support, and help women get active in ways that empower them.

Never run a day in your life? COME RUN WITH US.

Hate the gym? COME RUN WITH US.

Have a fear of being dropped because of your pace? COME RUN WITH US.

Need an escape from the stresses of everyday life? COME RUN WITH US.

Struggling to find friends and meaningful relationships? COME RUN WITH US.

Do you hate running? RUN WITH US.


Interested in starting a badass lady gang in your city?


So you want to start a badass lady gang chapter in your city…

We have one goal at the Badass Lady Gang, to connect and empower the women in our communities through running.

It’s thanks to our community leaders, organizers, and connectors that the BALG is as vast and expansive as it is today. We’re hard at work creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive space for women to meet-up and get active in ways that empower them FOR FREE.

No membership dues.

No one-time fees or sign up costs.


Because the Badass Lady Gang is run by volunteer leaders, we want to make sure that potential leaders understand the commitment before granting applicants permission to start growing their local BALG. Being a leader can, at times, feel like an unpaid part-time job. It’s a labor of love that only those who are serious about community building should apply for.

Submitting an application does not grant you permission to start an official Badass Lady Gang in your area. If you are a trainer, running coach or small business owner looking to expand your clientele or use this as an opportunity to leverage yourself or your services, leading the Badass Lady Gang isn’t for you.

**Before we get started, make sure there isn't already a chapter in your city. If there is, START SHOWING UP. Many chapters still need co-leaders and the best way to become a co-leader is to regularly attend and become a core member of your city’s chapter.**

Here’s what you can expect as a BALG Leader:

Time Commitment. Getting started, you are expected to lead a group run either once a week or every other week. As your community grows, you will be expected to eventually host a weekly run.

The Run. The Badass Lady Gang is community first and a fun run second. Because we’re open to women of all athletic levels, your runs need to be as inclusive for someone who is on Day 1 of their running journey as they for your experienced runners. It’s your job to find a space and route(s) that have opportunities for interaction. Our workouts are created so that runners are never outside of yelling range from one another. Think 100 yard or 1/4 mile loops or out and backs. NO ONE is ever left behind. NO ONE is to be made to feel like they are too slow or too fast to get a great and fun workout. There is no first place and last place or fast and slow at the Badass Lady Gang.

Growing your Badass Lady Gang. Your job goes outside of the weekly meetups. It is your job to connect with people all over your city to spread the word about the Badass Lady Gang. That means everything from collaborating with other fitness movements or local stores and establishments to volunteering at local races or for organizations that align with your mission.

The most fun workouts are ones where dozens of ladies show up so it’s your job to continually promote, invite, encourage, and challenge people both in real life and online to join the Badass Lady Gang. The more women you have showing up, the more fun you’re all going to have connecting and growing the movement.

It is your job to go out of your way to ensure that everyone feels welcome, supported, and excited to kick ass and take names.

I want to stress again that if you aren’t all in and ready to embrace this volunteer part-time job, leading the Badass Lady Gang isn’t for you. If you travel often, work long hours or know that you won’t be able to make it to every single run, leading the BALG isn’t for you.

All new chapters are required to host 4 pop up workouts before becoming an official Badass Lady Gang chapter. That means you promote and host workouts that are very similar to how the BALG workouts are run without using the Badass Lady Gang name. You can get started whenever you're ready. No need to wait for the go ahead from us to get started hosting but you will not become a chapter until you demonstrate your ability to lead and grow a chapter.

Still in?

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